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20mm Pedal Spacers

$120.00 Inc GST

Our Left and Right stainless steel Hex+ (20mm) Pedal Spacers (Pedal Extenders) are used with knees that track outside the pedal by adding length to the pedal axle. Designed to move the foot out and away from the crank arm to provide more foot clearance, they add to stance width for cyclists needing help with knees-out, excessive toes-out, extra wide feet, wide hips, or for those with discomfort on the outside of the knee.

8-Pack MTB/SPD Cleat Wedges®

$75.00 Inc GST


New 2019 SPD Cleat Wedges improve alignment and solve common pain issues for most cyclists.  Now formulated with a stronger and durable compound, these SPD wedges were made to prevail in the harshest conditions on the road, trail or mountain!  Stop pain now with cleat wedges!

8-Pack Speedplay Walkable™ Cleat Wedges®

$75.00 Inc GST
Speedplay Cleat Wedges® for Walkable™ Cleats work only with the newest Zero and Light Action Speedplay Walkable™ cleat systems.  SCREWS in this kit are NOT compatible with any of the old model Zero, Light Action or X-Series cleats.

BiSaddle ShapeShifter EXT BikeFit Edition CRO-MO

$399.00 Inc GST


Every body is different. Off-the-rack bike seats fit just a handful of people. For the rest of us, we’ve had to compromise. Riding an off-the-rack saddle is like wearing shoes that are too small or pants that are too tight.


You can adjust the shape of BiSaddle to custom fit your body and riding style. And, if your riding style or body shape change, you can simply re-adjust for ultimate comfort.

Cleat Wedges (8 Pack)

$65.00 Inc GST

Research conducted on cyclist’s feet showed that 96% of us have forefeet that are canted or tilted up to the inside inward (“varus”) or outward toward the outside (“valgus”). The vast majority (87%) of cyclist’s feet tilt up to the inside. Unfortunately, almost all cycling shoes, cleats and pedals take this natural tilt and force it flat. This can generate knee pain, create a foot “hotspot” (where the inner or outer side of the foot feels hot) and diminish your ability to generate power.

G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Orthotic Insoles

$170.00 Inc GST

G8 Performance 2620 PRO SERIES orthotic insoles are designed to maximize direct power transfer at the point of impact, which is critical in technical shoes. It provides a solid adjustable base to suit feet of all sizes and levels of flexibility and strength plus the adaptation of the foot over time. Its design maximizes flex of the forefoot and blood flow in the foot.

In the Shoe (ITS) Heel Wedges®

$60.00 Inc GST

Heel Wedges

Now with a new formula to increase grip between wedges! Are you caught in-between 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 cleat wedges?  Heel wedges are the answer!  They can be used in either the right or left shoe under the insole at the heel of the shoe. Creates 2, 3 and 4 degrees of rear foot tilt.

ITS-F Wedges® – Size 10-11: 4-Pack

$60.00 Inc GST

Improve pedaling stability, foot comfort and reduce pain.

Size 10-11 ITS-F (In-The-Shoe) Wedges® have a symmetrical design with a1.5 degree tilt per wedge that can be used in either the right or left shoe.