Lake’s mission is to make the best fitting and most comfortable high performance cycling shoes in the world.

We match the fit to the function of every shoe we make. The footwear comfort & performance needs of cyclists are not only dependent upon the type of riding they will do, but also their gender & how hard they ride. This theory goes beyond materials & construction methods to the actual foot form (the “last”) around which a shoe is built to determine whether a shoe meets a particular need. Instead of trying to make one or two foot shapes fit every rider, we have created a variety lasts to meet most riders needs. The following descriptions will help you choose the model which best meets your needs.

Lake Wide Fit + Extra Wide Fit Shoes

Supplying wide fit and extra wide fit cycling shoes in New Zealand has always been a challenge. The majority of New Zealand cyclists feet are a D width and above meaning most Kiwi riders have a wide to extra wide foot. There are lots of brands that claim to have a “Wide Fit” but the word WIDE does not give an actual size. I classify a wide foot as anything D and over, volume also plays a huge part in this, A wide foot that also has a lot of mass is going to need a very wide shoe with a huge amount of volume, something that is just not available in 95% of shoes out there today.


This is where Lake comes in!

Lake have been around since 1982 and are the number one shoe when it comes to wide fit options. Most wide shoes on the market today actually use the same sole as their standard width shoe and just increase the volume in the upper which lets face it is not actually a wide fit at all! Lake not only increase the internal volume of the shoe but also widen the sole and base of the shoe so your wide foot actually fits perfectly inside.


After a few years of struggling for stock through certain overseas suppliers we are overjoyed to announce that you can now order the full range of Lake shoes directly through Auckland Bike Fit. I would highly recommend booking in to see us to get your feet correctly sized so we can work out the best size and width options for your foot type, we can then put in a special order for your new Lake Wide fit Shoes.







Finding the correct type of shoe for your foot is very important, we can do a fully measure of your foot to work out the length, width, and volume of your foot. To book in for a shoe sizing consultation for just $79 inc GST simply find your day and time and click book using the widget below