Hi Craig, This is currently my facebook status…..
“It’s quite amazing what a good fit & proper innersoles on my cycling shoes did for my numbers. These are numbers from very similar 1 hour sessions 11 days apart but with a couple of fit sessions dailing in the bike between them… 26.5 km/hr @ 153w avg and an average cadance of 81 RPM 30.7 km/hr @ 183w avg and an average cadance of 92 RPM  The big number for me was cadance, I’ve struggled to hold an average cadance over 85 before now and bam I hit 92 without even feeling it. I ♥ my new bike & fit :D”
I’m stoked to say the least, looks like the footbeds & fit have given me a 20% power uplift, I’m stoked with that!