Level 3 Bike Fit – $300 (2.5hrs)

Our Level 3 Fit is performed on a fully adjustable custom fit cycle, The Custom fit cycle is one of the most accurate systems in the world, The reason for this is the fit cycle is adjusted to your bodies ideal position, Your posture is monitored and all your body Angles are fine tuned to the nearest degree making you very comfortable but also extremely powerful. The measurements taken are known as Contact points (Where your body contacts the bike) i.e. Saddle height and fore and aft, pedals, Handlebar Reach and Drop. These contact point measurements are your position in numbers or if you prefer your digital position. These Measurements are taken from the Custom fit cycle and are one by one transferred to your existing bike, this way when the bike is set up you will know exactly how far your bike is out from your ideal measurements to the nearest millimeter.


Bike Fit interview
Body posture check
Saddle height adjustment
Fore/Aft adjustment
Cleat Adjustments
Stem/Handlebar adjustments
Pre and post fit video analysis
Full body flexibility test
Existing bike set to size