Wide Shoe Revolution

I have been seeing clients for many years, day in and day out and the question I get most often is :-


There are many things that can cause the feet to go numb when cycling but the most common cause is a very simple one


If you suffer from this issue a good test is to put your foot on a piece of paper and draw around it, then take the shoe and place it on top of the drawing and then draw around the shoe.

Look at your drawing if your foot actually looks wider than your shoe then you have found your problem. your foot ALWAYS needs to fit nicely into a shoe with room to spare (your foot will swell up considerably during a ride)

Seems simple right - just buy a wider shoe?

Unfortunately not, New Zealand distributors rarely bring in wide fit shoes and even the ones that have been bringing them in over the last few years are now stepping away from it. Considering the majority of people in New Zealand have a D+ foot this is creating a huge problem.

We are sourcing as many D-E width brands from around the world to bring in to VBike so that the New Zealand cyclist can get some shoes that actually fit their feet.

Say goodbye to numb feet and join the revolution.

If you think you may have the dreaded numb feet issue feel free to give us a call on send us an email, we will do our absolute best to help you with this issue.