Hi ya Craig! Well, I knocked the Trans Am off. Just over 6800km in 27 days and four hours. It was torture. Crazy hot in Oregon and through Kansas and Kentucky, low to mid 40s. There were some real lows, but they were offset by amazing scenery, history, incredibly nice people and some great roads to ride. The bike fit worked really well. I didn’t get any aches or pains, not even a slight back ache. Apart from feeling extremely fatigued, I have zero problems after the ride. Thanks for an awesome fit.
Hi Craig 
 I just wanted to let you know that all is going brilliantly with my feet/shoes/innersoles.  The cramping of my toes has been eliminated and the power I’m getting out of my pedal stroke is verging on unbelievable!
 Elliot and I rode the Rotorua-Taupo 100km flyer last weekend and he opted to ride easy with Mum.  (Ha ha – I’m not that slow!)  At times we were flying and passing cyclists like they were standing still – it was so much fun and so rewarding.  Even he was impressed with how fast I had got and I felt the power coming out of my legs which wasn’t there before. So thank you very much for all your help and expertise – it has really paid off.
Hi Craig, This is currently my facebook status.....
“It’s quite amazing what a good fit & proper innersoles on my cycling shoes did for my numbers. These are numbers from very similar 1 hour sessions 11 days apart but with a couple of fit sessions dailing in the bike between them... 26.5 km/hr @ 153w avg and an average cadance of 81 RPM 30.7 km/hr @ 183w avg and an average cadance of 92 RPM  The big number for me was cadance, I've struggled to hold an average cadance over 85 before now and bam I hit 92 without even feeling it. I ♥ my new bike & fit :D”
I'm stoked to say the least, looks like the footbeds & fit have given me a 20% power uplift, I'm stoked with that!

Hi Craig, Just wanted to say thanks for the bike fit on Saturday. Got out for an 85km ride yesterday and the bike was largely fantastic. It felt like it was 15 - 20% easier and smoother to pedal, despite the really windy conditions. Will take a few more rides to get used to standing up with the new handlebars and stem but confident that will come in time and also when that longer stem is fitted. Footbeds are feeling great and combined with the cleat adjustments, correction of those angles and seat height it's a significantly better experience. ITB's feel much less strained also. I learned a lot about cycling this weekend and now feel much more in control, with only a couple small areas left to focus on as the 11th of December draws closer.
Hi Craig, Just letting you know that I survived Taupo and had no problems whatsoever with my knee.  I managed a couple of 100km+ training rides after seeing you, it’s just a pity I didn’t know about you/see you earlier then I wouldn’t have lost a couple of weeks training so close to the event.  My time was slow, but probably fair considering I felt a bit underdone training-wise and I had a couple of punctures. Anyway thanks for the set up - I don’t believe I could have completed Taupo without it. 

Guy White
Hi Craig

 A quick update. 
The changes to the bike have been great. The saddle friction is greatly reduced and I suspect will reduce even further as the saddle continues to wear in. I am now riding much more comfortably in a forward position on the bar whereas with the previous bar I had a falling forward sensation when I used the under the brake-hood position. I can now access the drop position. I'm experienced a slight neck strain as the resulting of reaching further forward on the bar, this is new, but I'm sure I'll get used to the new position and this will become more comfortable. I'm doing my best to remember to keep my left heel lower on the pedal stroke and to pull (scrape) back across the bottom of the stroke rather than rotating round with raised heel.
So, well done. A happy customer. I look forward to seeing you again later in the month.
Hi Craig I went for a good ride yesterday (about 60k) and everything went pretty well, my knees have improved quite a bit in the last couple of days and the physio said I should be out spinning so I thought I should get stuck in. Bike position feels good, I feel I am using a much better pedal stroke now, concentrating far less on my quads, a good indicator was my hamstrings started to cramp a little bit at the end, they are obviously not used to being used that much... The bar position feels good too, my elbows are bent and I feel comfortable using all of the bar positions which is much better for comfort.