Cycling and Custom Footbeds

Custom footbeds are probably one of the most overlooked items in any cyclists arsenal. The reason why is that not many people actually realize what they do!

I will take you back to around 10 years ago.

I had always suffered from knee issues on and off the bike  and sometimes having the knee completely give way leaving poor old Craig to faceplant (not a great way to look cool) I had been to see several specialists who gave me certain exercises but nothing helped and i  honestly thought it was just an issue i would have to live with. A company in the UK i had began working for had a Sidas Footbed Machine in the corner but i never really paid much attention to it at the time as this was not my department. I was walking along one day and my colleague noticed how much my feet were pronating and listed off very accurately what issues i was most likely suffering from. I have to say he was either Physic or he knew his stuff, i was interested to know more, how could i help this? Footbeds he replied. He then set me on the footbed machine and took a mould of my feet, he then asked my to step off to examine the mould, the first thing he noticed was that my feet were very uneven  so uneven that they looked as though the two feet were from different people!! I was at this point looking horrified but he reassured me that its actually pretty normal. We then set about heating and manipulating the flat footbed into the mould, at this point i was asked to stand back on the machine to sandwich and hold the footbed in place and help it to set. 10 minutes later i know had my first set of Sidas custom footbeds. Once they were fitted into my shoes the difference was instantly apparent. I was no longer rolling into my collapsed arches and stretching my IT Band to its absolute limit, i was fir the first time in years actually comfortable. As the weeks and months went on my knee pain was a thing of the past.

This experience is what made me learn the ropes and purchase a custom footbed machine for myself, I have been using these now for several years with my clients.

What are custom footbeds?

When you hear the word footbed you automatically think orthotic, there are however very different, a footbed is designed to support and not to adjust.(adjust to the body and not against it)

Stock footbeds vs Custom footbeds

Although we can supply over the counter footbeds i would never recommend them, the reason is that you need 100% coverage for all your weight to be evenly distributed over the footbeds total area, without this the footbed simply becomes a form of arch support. You really cannot compare the two. A stock footbed left will be a mirror image of the right (a person very rarely has identical feet left to right) 

Hi Craig, This is currently my facebook status.....
“It’s quite amazing what a good fit & proper innersoles on my cycling shoes did for my numbers. These are numbers from very similar 1 hour sessions 11 days apart but with a couple of fit sessions dailing in the bike between them... 26.5 km/hr @ 153w avg and an average cadance of 81 RPM 30.7 km/hr @ 183w avg and an average cadance of 92 RPM  The big number for me was cadance, I've struggled to hold an average cadance over 85 before now and bam I hit 92 without even feeling it. I ♥ my new bike & fit :D”
I'm stoked to say the least, looks like the footbeds & fit have given me a 20% power uplift, I'm stoked with that!


Different types of footbed

There are many different types of footbed - see below.

All the footbeds we carry are FULL custom and coat a total of $180 (inc fitting).

A footbed consultation takes around 45 mins (for one pair)

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An adaptable custom insole for all sports, with a very versatile shape and volume.

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The ultimate custom solution for low volume footwear. Achieve perfect comfort, every day, whatever your footwear.


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The ultimate custom solution specifically for running. From heel strike to toe-off, this insole will provide a unique combination of comfort, customized fit and foot guidance. Pleasure, injury prevention and performance at every step.


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The ultimate custom solution specifically for all kinds of cycling. A brand new insole, with an uncompromising structure for total foot support & alignment. Comfortable feet, providing a great knee alignment, for 100% force transfer to the bike


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All you need. Already reinforced with 2 TX®’s, no stabs. The new Alcantara® forefoot provides easier entry into the boot and improved comfort.
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